An Assessment is a tool for gaining a better understanding of personal, group or organizational characteristics. It can be a valuable resource for leadership development by identifying strengths and potential obstacles to success. Unfortunately, assessments are frequently misunderstood and even misused; in fact, the assessment is often viewed as an end in itself, when in reality it is the first step toward achieving a greater goal, which is: awareness, development and change.  


When considering an assessment for you personally or to use within your company, first address these questions:
  • What do I hope to accomplish by implementing this assessment ?
  • How will this information provide value?
  • What are the results we ultimately hope to achieve?
  • Which assessment tool or process will give us the results we need?

At Betty Doo Consulting, we deliver a variety of assessments for enhancing leadership development. Sometimes they are a part of a larger project, but they can also be delivered as a stand-alone service. We develop a strategy tailored to your unique circumstances, emphasizing assessments with both scientific validity and practical applications. Typically our assessment process includes:
  1. An initial discussion to determine the goals of your project.
  2. Identifying assessment(s) that will give you the results you require.
  3. Assessment delivery, usually via an online assessment dashboard.
  4. Meeting face-to-face or by telephone/video to review the results.
  5. When appropriate, integrating various assessments into a personalized written report.
  6. Developing a plan for using the assessment information, that includes an implementation strategy with specific goals and objectives.

If you would like to learn more about which assessments we use and how they can benefit you, please call today!