Managing one's career today is more complicated than ever. Given the current economic turmoil and inevitable career and job changes, it is critical that leaders are strategic in managing their careers.

Our approach to career management is consistent with our other work: we provide a customized service to meet your needs. Many companies are developing internal career development programs for attending to the career development needs of their employees.  Professionals also sometimes seek private career coaching outside the parameters of their organizations for greater flexibility and confidentiality.

Since people approach career management services at different times in their professional lives, their needs at any particular moment will vary. Our individualized, collaborative approach ensures a targeted and successful engagement.

We offer the following career management services:
  1. Private 1:1 career coaching 
  2. Career-focused executive coaching
  3. Corporate career development programs for internal employees
  4. Career transition services for employees exiting their companies

Our focus is in helping people keep an eye on the "big picture"; this means strategically managing one's career, not just landing the next available job. The following phases are critical to this focus: