How frequently have you attended a 1, 2 or 5 day training program on leadership development, enhancing management skills, or improving communication? You leave the event inspired and excited to implement the new tools and techniques you have learned; however, once back at the office, you find the main takeaway is a large glossy binder that sits on the self while you feel guilty you are unable to implement these new ideas.


It happens all too often.  It is an unfortunate waste of precious resources.                      


Executive Coaching has evolved as a response to this phenomenon.  It capitalizes on the research on adult development that demonstrates people learn best:

  • through action
  • while on-the-job in "real-time" situations
  • with regular feedback, and
  • in gradual increments over time.
Executive coaching is an integral part of many corporate learning programs because, if delivered properly, it leads to significant, sustainable improvements for both the leader and the organization. Research is now accumulating which supports the ROI of executive coaching. One study calculated an average return of $100,000 or 5.7 times the investment in the services, with some estimates as high as $1 million, $5 million and even $25 million.

How does it work?

Executive Coaching is an innovative and powerful process involving a 3-way partnership between the executive, coach and company. Any level of management can benefit from this service, and it is typically seen beneficial for mid-level to senior executive managers, including C-suite leaders. In most cases, the executive's manager or others from the organization are involved in providing information and support for the coaching assignment.

Coaching primarily entails a series of ongoing confidential conversations between the coach and executive, addressing key areas of development deemed beneficial to both the leader and the organization. These "coaching conversations" act as a catalyst for expanding the executive's leadership capabilities. Discussions, readings, role-plays, case studies and  other learning exercises may be incorporated to strengthen the learning process.

Executive coaching with Betty Doo Consulting is tailored to your unique circumstances, and will generally include the following phases:

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